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Room hire terms and conditions

The Deposit is payable in full on the date of the agreement and will only be refunded to the Hirer in the event of a cancellation being made giving a minimum of 4 week notice in writing,

The Room must be vacated on time and left in a clean and tidy condition and all of the Hirer’s equipment and property will be removed from the Room at the end of the hiring period.

No smoking is permitted anywhere on the Club premises or grounds except in the designated area for this purpose.

No open fires, candles or unauthorised electrical equipment shall be used on the Club premises.

No illegal, indecent or immoral activity is permitted.

Noise levels must be contained to a reasonable level at all times.

No betting, gambling or gaming is permitted on the Club premises.

If the Hirer wishes to provide public music, dancing or other public entertainment, the Hirer must first obtain any necessary licence and show it to the Club Steward on demand.

The Hirer must pay for all damage caused to any Club property as a result of the hiring.

The Hirer acknowledges and agrees that the Club gives no warranty that the Room has all necessary consents for the proposed use and further that no warranty is given that the Room is physically fit for the proposed use.

The Hirer further acknowledges that the Club is not liable for any death or  injury of the Hirer or its invitees nor for any damage to the property of the Hirer or that of the Hirer’s invitees to the Room or for any losses, claims, demands, actions, damages, costs or expenses or other liability incurred by the Hirer or other invitees to the Room in exercise or purported exercise of the rights granted.

The Hirer confirms and agrees that it shall occupy the Room as licensee and that no relationship of landlord and tenant is created between the Hirer and the Club by this agreement.

The Club will provide a clean and tidy room, all heating and lighting, use of toilets and cloakrooms (in common with others), furniture as specified.

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